I haven’t posted here in a while, I have been enjoying summer with my kids!  You will begin to see some changes around here over the coming months, and I’ll share more on that soon.  But today I have a post that really isn’t meant to help you get more organized.  It is something on my heart, as a result of several things from this week.  I hope this encourages you, or at least makes you think…


If you have spent much time in church, I’m guessing you’ve heard that “You are a Child of God”.  I have heard that phrase many times in my life, and I always found it comforting.  But yesterday during worship we sang a song, and I had a new picture of what this really means, especially to us as mothers and wives.


You know how you love your child beyond measure, no matter what they do that frustrates, angers or saddens you?  You know how your child can have you fire mad one minute and in awe and adoration the next?  You know how you believe in your child and their talents, regardless of whom else does or doesn’t see them?  You know how you just can’t see other people’s kids like you see your own, no matter how cute or talented they are?


That is how God sees us.  We are HIS children.  Not just children, HIS children.  I regularly meet with moms and wives that share their frustrations and feelings of not measuring up, not knowing how to do this wife and mom thing.


Most women of our generation were not raised by mothers that stayed home teaching us to cook homemade meals, wash and iron clothes efficiently, or clean and maintain our homes.  We have this idea in our head of how it should all go, what our homes should look like and all the things we should be able to do.  I see our generation feeling inadequate, lost and frustrated, unable to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they care for homes, kids and husbands.


Yet, I talk with those same women and hear their amazing hearts for their families.  Their heart to care for their homes, bless their husbands and raise up children that are a blessing to all of us.  Most importantly, women that demonstrate their love for their families on a daily basis.


I am an organized housewife.  I was raised in a home with a mother that was trained and talented at all her tasks.  She taught me to cook homemade meals… bake bread, make homemade mac n’ cheese, fried chicken, biscuits, enchiladas, lasagna… we ate good!  I learned to launder clothes with care and iron a dress shirt the right way.  She knew how to work hard to care for her home, and demonstrated that to me on a regular basis.  Yet, I regularly feel like I’ll never get it all done.  I mop my floor to have it sticky an hour later (unless I make the kids eat outside like I did this weekend!).  I get frustrated that I can’t keep our home in order, coach soccer, play on the floor with my kids, volunteer at school, help them with their homework and have energy for my marriage in the evening.  But, I am confident in who I am in in Christ and that I am a child of God.  I do not let Satan wrap my mind in self-doubt, crippling me to get up and do what God has called me to.


So many women want me to help them organize their homes, believing it will transform their lives.  Many organizational professionals sell their services on the basis of the life transformation it will bring.  Yes, organization can change the way you and your family live in and enjoy your home.  But the thing that truly transforms your life is this…


Knowing and believing in your heart that YOU are a Child of God!  Knowing that he loves you in that way you love your children.  That no matter how many things we do to frustrate, anger or sadden Him, God forgives us and looks down on us with complete love and adoration.  God sees us like no one else, He knows our heart for our family and desire to love and serve them.  He does not see our failures and mess-ups, he sees our talents and abilities and believes in us.  He wants to help and guide us to be our best.


We are His children.  Stop wasting efforts and time worrying about what friend or family member, teacher or church member knows your intentions, your heart for your family – God does.  Be confident in how you love and serve your family, knowing that God is not counting the things you did not do, He sees all you have done and is looking down with love and adoration.