Organized Housewife

Organized Home. Family Management.

Organized Housewife, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to the organization and management of home and family life. Organizing a home and managing the busy life of today’s family takes more than a desire for peace and order. Organized Housewife specializes in creating organizational systems that allow your family to efficiently maintain order in your home, creating a restful and peaceful place to recharge and connect with the ones you love. We also offer comprehensive home management services so you can enjoy your home without the stress of managing service providers, cleaning services, or time-consuming maintenance tasks.

What We Do

Coordination of all aspects and details of home care to create an organized, well-maintained, and peaceful place of fellowship and rest.

Professional Organization

For those that need one space organized or are overwhelmed by their entire home. We will evaluate what you have and how you live to create organization systems that reinvent the way you manage your home life.

Home Management

Personalized services to help you efficiently run your home. Includes the management of service providers, ongoing maintenance, laundry, and traditional cleaning services to protect your greatest investment.

Cleaning Services

The Organized Housewife Team is passionate about assisting you in cleaning and caring for your home as if it were our own. A clean and orderly home is an important aspect of a healthy family life.


Organization Options


Develop a whole home organization & management plan to implement on your own, or as an introductory home evaluation & planning session.


  • 2–2.5 hour Whole Home Assessment
  • Evaluate Challenging Spaces
  • Set Goals
  • Create a Space Plan
  • System Recommendations
  • Product Suggestions
  • Detailed Summary Email
  • Flat Rate Excludes Closet Designs
  • $225

Client Assisted

We will work together to transform your space as you develop the skills to independently organize, maintain and manage your home with success.


  • Sort and De-clutter
  • Removal of Donations
  • Consignment Facilitation
  • Customized Organization Systems
  • Product Recommendations
  • Shopping Services (optional)
  • Implementation of Space Plan
  • Scheduled as Half or Full Day
  • Billed Hourly


Engage in a consultation to evaluate needs, establish goals, and identify projects. We complete the process for you. Periodic check-ins as desired.


  • Meet your OH! Team
  • Discuss your Project(s) & Goals
  • Step Away with OH! ...
  • Sorts and Categorizes
  • Removes Unwanted Items
  • Shops for Product
  • Completes Project
  • Scheduled as Half or Full Day
  • Billed Hourly

Why Us?

Thank you for everything you do for our house.  Our whole family really appreciates it!!!   ~Megan


Just a quick note to let you know what you already know.  Leigh and Stevie were here on Saturday and did an outstanding job.  I’m so grateful for their hard work and attention to detail.  ~Emily


I love the smell from whatever cleaning product the team is using — it’s SO nice to open the door and come home to a fresh, clean fragrance!  They are doing such a great job!  ~Bonnie


Thank you for your service.  I would have a very dirty house right now without you.  I am so thankful I can know my house is clean even when I am not home or am on my return.  That you so much for your kindness and business.  ~Julia


I’ve been meaning to tell you THANK YOU for the extra things you did last week. I LOVE the furry cover for the vacuum. And I’m so glad the towel and TP holders don’t come apart anymore (yay!) and I’m glad the master bath mirrors don’t flop around anymore! I had NOT noticed the wasp nests!  Thank you!  ~Jill


Thank you so much.  I honestly haven’t been home this summer and I am so thankful for the girls and you helping me out so much!  I Can’t imagine what the house would look like without you all.  ~Julia


I woke up soooo HAPPY today!  I am pretty sure one of the reasons is that we (mostly you!) conquered the primary obstacle in my filing frenzy!  Woo Hoo!  I am soooo excited about getting organized with you!  I love the start we made in the office!  Thank you!  ~Evette


Thanks again for all your hard work to design and plan our master closet.  It is truly a dream come true.  Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with our family.  You make our lives better!  ~Emily


Just wanted to say what a profound effect all these projects have had on the joy I have just being in the house.  So glad our paths crossed!  ~Peg


Thank you again for all your help! Such small changes make big differences! I am loving our clean/organized space and how easy it is to maintain. I love that I can pick up the day’s mess in 5 minutes! I can find bills and paperwork when I need it—and quickly. So much stress and anxiety has been removed.  ~Sarah