Professional Organization

Our home management services encompass all aspects of what we do at Organized Housewife, creating an ongoing cycle of complete home care. Organizing and cleaning services are in-house. All members of our team are insured and have undergone a background check. Our expertise in home maintenance allows us to act as your project manager in maintaining the interior and exterior of your home, partnering with industry experts in every home care field.





The modern family has larger homes and busier schedules than any generation before us. This combination has left most of us overwhelmed by the task of managing, organizing, and cleaning our homes. Organized Housewife brings all aspects of home management under one roof to streamline your involvement and maximize the quality of your home care. Organized Housewife begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your home, needs, and budget. We then create a personalized services plan that allows us to assist you with precisely the services you need. All services are a la carte, meaning you utilize only the services you need and pay for nothing more.

In House Services

In-house services are provided by Organized Housewife employees that are insured and background checked.  Your home management specialist will establish a program that fits your needs to ensure your home is maintained year-round.


  • Establish & modify organizational systems
  • Maintain organization systems
  • Management of periodic & seasonal maintenance schedule
  • Home Maintenance Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Cleaning Services
  • Clutter Management
  • Laundry & Linens

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are offered to home management clients to ensure the highest standards of care for your home. A regular cleaning schedule allows us to monitor maintenance needs and facilitate appointments with service professionals.


  • Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedules
  • Systematic deep clean on a regular schedule
  • Flexible checklist to fit your needs
  • We declutter and organize as we clean
  • Loading/unloading dishwasher
  • Laundry & linen services
  • Interior of ovens & refrigerators
  • Garages
  • Porches & Outdoor Furniture
  • Maintenance of Organization Systems

Service Providers

We manage service providers, reaching out as needs arise and responding when an emergency occurs. Simply contact OH! and we’ll handle the rest. We have established relationships with preferred providers, or we can use any provider that is familiar with your home.


  • Handyman
  • Servicing of Major Appliances
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Lawn, Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance
  • Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning
  • HVAC Service & Installation
  • Garage Door Installation & Service
  • Plumbing & Electrical
  • Repair of personal belongings (shoes, purses, jewelry, luggage…)
  • Any additional provider(s) needed to comprehensively care for your home

Home Management


Thank you for everything you do for our house.  Our whole family really appreciates it!!!   ~Megan


Just a quick note to let you know what you already know.  Leigh and Stevie were here on Saturday and did an outstanding job.  I’m so grateful for their hard work and attention to detail.  ~Emily


I love the smell from whatever cleaning product the team is using — it’s SO nice to open the door and come home to a fresh, clean fragrance!  They are doing such a great job!  ~Bonnie


Thank you for your service.  I would have a very dirty house right now without you.  I am so thankful I can know my house is clean even when I am not home or am on my return.  That you so much for your kindness and business.  ~Julia


I’ve been meaning to tell you THANK YOU for the extra things you did last week. I LOVE the furry cover for the vacuum. And I’m so glad the towel and TP holders don’t come apart anymore (yay!) and I’m glad the master bath mirrors don’t flop around anymore! I had NOT noticed the wasp nests!  Thank you!  ~Jill


Thank you so much.  I honestly haven’t been home this summer and I am so thankful for the girls and you helping me out so much!  I Can’t imagine what the house would look like without you all.  ~Julia


I woke up soooo HAPPY today!  I am pretty sure one of the reasons is that we (mostly you!) conquered the primary obstacle in my filing frenzy!  Woo Hoo!  I am soooo excited about getting organized with you!  I love the start we made in the office!  Thank you!  ~Evette


Thanks again for all your hard work to design and plan our master closet.  It is truly a dream come true.  Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with our family.  You make our lives better!  ~Emily


Just wanted to say what a profound effect all these projects have had on the joy I have just being in the house.  So glad our paths crossed!  ~Peg


Thank you again for all your help! Such small changes make big differences! I am loving our clean/organized space and how easy it is to maintain. I love that I can pick up the day’s mess in 5 minutes! I can find bills and paperwork when I need it—and quickly. So much stress and anxiety has been removed.  ~Sarah