Building Better Connections

This blogging adventure has been a blast for me, mostly because of all of you and your encouraging words!  I’m not sure if you all know it, but my heart skips a beat every time one of you says, “I liked your post on..” or “I am loving your blog”!  Sure maybe some of it is that immature joy that comes from thinking people like you.  But I’m convinced it’s more, it’s the idea that I’m sharing something some of you find helpful.  I know most of you are wonderful, busy and often overwhelmed moms, just like me.  I love the idea that my late night ramblings can encourage and inspire even one of you!


And… I have so much more to share!  I often find myself wanting to share something short I read, let you in on a little enlightening conversation I had, or share a brilliant product I found.  I can’t run to the computer every time that happens and type up a big old blog post, so….


I’m launching a Facebook page for Organized Housewife, LLC!!!


I have a lot of hopes and dreams for this little old Facebook page, and I hope you all will join me!


The OH! Facebook page will provide a greater opportunity for me to share smaller ideas, on a more regular basis. It will also be a resource for locating blog posts from the past.  Check out the “Organization” and “DIY” photo albums.  I’ve included photos and links to various past blog posts on Organized  And I’ll even host some periodic giveaways!


If you’re excited or intrigued by this new component of Organized Housewife, click the Facebook button below to check it out!  “Like” my page to let Facebook know you want to see more from OH! and “Share” a photo album if you think others you know might like it too!