Bent Creek Home

This home had a “builder basic” closet with wire shelves, too much hanging space, and not enough storage.  Although the home was new construction, by a high-end builder, it lacked a functional master closet. Something I see on a regular basis.  The homeowner had been too overwhelmed by the building process to really put thought into the closets when it was time to select materials and layout. 

We removed the old shelving, patched and painted walls, switched out the basic flush mount light fixture and added a hard-working and pretty closet system.  We created a his and hers side, with a shared tip out hamper and shelving stack to act as the linen closet they did not have in the master suite.  The closet was designed with deep boxes, so that clothes hang within the “walls” of each section, hiding clothes and keeping every section looking clean and tidy.  Her drawer stack has a countertop to act as a dressing station, with jewelry drawers directly below.  Adding adjustable shelves, a tie holder and valet hook add additional function.  Without expanding the footprint of the closet space, we were able to multiply its storage capacity and make a space the homeowner loves to use daily.  She has told many friends that this closet “was the best investment she has ever made”.