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We will work together to transform your space.  The process begins with sorting belongings, de-cluttering, and eliminating unnecessary items.  My services include the removal of items you no longer need or want, a space plan with individualized organizational systems, and product recommendations.  The space plan will include product recommendations within your specified budget, and shopping services are optional.  We will work together to complete the project, utilizing your individualized space plan and new products.


We will work together initially to sort belongings and establish goals for your space.  A space plan with individualized organizational systems and product recommendations within your specified budget will be developed.  The remaining steps will be completed without your assistance, or need to be present.  These steps include removal of items you no longer need or want, (donation and consignment options available) product shopping services and completion of the project utilizing your individualized space plan and new products.

Space Planning

Space planning and consultation services are for those that are interested in doing much of the work themselves, but are not sure how to get started, what products to invest in, or how to develop a system that will work over time.  I will review challenging spaces in your home to assist you in developing a plan to control clutter and establish order.  This includes a personalized organizational plan, recommendations of products to assist in establishing and maintaining your organizational system, and a product shopping guide. Clients often request that we begin the process and then schedule periodic 1-2 hour appointments to finalize a space and get started on a new project.  This is a great option for those that are working within a tight budget, but need some assistance to get started and keeping moving!


Closet Design

Many closets are created with a “one-design-fits-all” philosophy that results in frustrating storage systems in old and new homes alike. Designing a closet requires a detailed analysis of the belongings it will hold and the lifestyle of those that use it, from an expert with knowledge of the endless materials and customizations on the market today.

If you would like to update an existing closet or find yourself designing a new closet with a blank slate, Organized Housewife can assist you. Working together, we will create a closet that is perfectly designed for your belongings and your lifestyle, with your budget and interior design preferences in mind. Properly designing a closet before installation will allow you to invest in a storage system that is both efficient and beautiful.


Staging & Moving

At Organized Housewife we talk a lot about protecting the investment of your home through proper home management and cleaning techniques. However maximizing the value of your home is never as important as when you are preparing to put it on the market. We all know the value of staging a home that is appealing to others and often call on professionals of the interior design or real estate community to pull together the details of home staging. However, many homes are bought and sold because home buyers desire more space and better order in their homes. Decluttering and organizing your home before placing it on the market will maximize its value and make your move to a new home less stressful and time consuming.

Organized Housewife will assist you in purging the clutter that makes rooms feel small and closet space look inadequate. Through this purging process you will fully evaluate your storage needs for your future home so that you can make wise space and design decisions. We will also assist you in categorizing belongings and evaluating systems to streamline unpacking and settling into your new home. Decluttering and organizing before you move will prevent the common mistake of moving stuff that you don’t even want or need, saving you time and money in the moving process.


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