Summer Travels

Are you planning to take a fun trip or two this summer?  I am super excited to spend some time in the Colorado mountains in August.  Growing up there, I never feel quite at home like I do sitting outside on a crisp, cool morning in the mountains.

I thought this would be a perfect time to share how I pack for longer trips (more than a few days).  I’m not someone that has a ton of clothes or loves to shop, but it seems like I want to take everything I own when I travel!  I am known for moving things to my husband’s suitcase so I don’t go over the airline weight limit.

A couple of years ago my sister-in-law bought me these Lean Travel bags for my birthday. LEAN TRAVEL  They aren’t something I ever would have thought I needed or voluntarily spent money on before I had them, but I love them!  

The BEST Packing Cubes for Travel 2020 | Jetsetter

I categorize my clothes (p.j.’s/lounge, activewear, pants, t-shirts, dressy) and each category is in a bag.  I use the Marie Kondo folding method Marie Kondo so that it is easy to see what is in the bag and rolling actually prevents hard wrinkles.


You can fill the bag REALLY full and then zip it up.  There is a second zipper to compress the contents, so that it takes up very little space in your suitcase.



Once I have everything packed, I stack them in my suitcase, leaving a little room for shoes and toiletries.


Unpacking at our destination is super easy, as I don’t have to pull out each item and sort through everything.  I typically hang my dressy clothes and then unzip the rest of the bags and utilize them to keep my clothes neatly stored in a drawer or an a shelf.  The slight germaphobe in me loves that my clothes aren’t actually touching the drawer or shelf at our destination too!

When it is time to head home, I make a couple of bags with dirty clothes and re-pack anything clean separately. 

I hope you are going somewhere fun this summer!  And if you tend to overpack like me, this might help consolidate your suitcases and keep things ordered while you are away!