Welcome to OH!

Welcome!  I am so glad you have taken the time out of your busy day to see what I’m up to with my new “Organized Housewife” blog!  I have always enjoyed muddling in various creative outlets and these pursuits have proven to be a source of much needed respite from the stress of life. (Not that my family is ever stressful!)  However over the years I have come to realize that organization is my true passion.  It is the job I could do and not get paid for, if the rest of my life would allow such a luxury.  I love the way an organized space changes not only the state of that place, but the state of mind for those that utilize it.

Gorgeous, right!?! Wouldn’t meal planning and prep be so much more fun if you were using this pantry!

I know, this stuff isn’t as exciting to all of you as it is to me, but pictures like that have to make you a little jealous too!  When my kids are napping and there isn’t something on the “urgent list”, you won’t find me reading or watching television.  I’m probably dreaming of how to make a closet or drawer more functional or visually appealing. O.K. let’s be honest – there is an equally good chance that I’m taking a nap!   But, I really can’t think of a much more enjoyable afternoon than wandering through The Container Store with a Starbucks in hand!  When I go to someone’s house that has a little chaos going on, I don’t think poorly of them, but I do want to start sorting, tossing, categorizing, labeling….!

I guess you could say organizing is my “thing”.  When I make a “quick” trip to Target for a gallon of milk and shampoo I still find myself wandering through the office and home organizational aisles.  Some women can’t help but walk through the accessories and shoe department.  There are a couple of women in my life that I can always call if I need jewelry or shoes to go with a specific outfit.  They can tell me instantly where to find a chunky turquoise necklace and wedge shoes that will go perfectly my new dress.   I on the other hand  have no idea which stores have fabulous jewelry, but I can tell you where to go for almost any organizational item in any size and color!

This crazy obsession of mine with ordering disorganized spaces – even those that are not mine – is not one of condemnation – I promise!  I get those energizing butterflies in my stomach when opportunity exists to help someone’s life be a little more simplistic and orderly.  I would love to come into each and every one of your homes and do your organization projects with you: learning your oh so creative! inspirations, taking part in the transformation,  and then sitting with you over a cup of coffee too ogle and ahhh at the end result.  But the reality is that at this point of my life that peaceful cup of coffee would be interrupted by a precious mini-me  in need of food, drink, help on the potty…

How productive could we all be if we had this bad-boy in our kitchen?! Notice the bins added to the inside of the door and the paper organization to the side. Functional and so pretty too!  <source>

Seriously, don’t you all just overflow with joy when you have successfully ordered something in your life – LOVE! it!  So, here comes my blog!  My dream is that this becomes a place where I can help others find focus and inspiration in their organizational pursuits, and be inspired myself by readers.  I envision a community where I can share the projects I am passionate about in my home, and others can share their successes to inspire me.  I hope to share “guest posts” of your organizational genius! and work with you to transform areas of your home.

Thank you so much for joining me on this very first post!  Poke around a little, as there is a sampling of what is to come scattered about – in a most organized way of course!  If you don’t know me – super BIG thank-you for checking out my first post, and please read a little About Me.

My first series of posts will introduce you to my site, give you a little taste of what’s to come and let you know how I approach organization.  You can subscribe by email using the registration box in the right column to be notified when a new post occurs, and use the button below to “share” a post with friends using Facebook or email.