Why the Clutter? Digging Deeper…

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Today I want to ask you some tough questions. Those of you that know me, know well that I don’t have a hard time speaking my mind. That is good I suppose since I’m starting a blog. But, I really try not to be offensive in my honesty and directness. I’m hoping my “blog voice” can convey this!

I want to dig a little deeper and ask you to consider: why do you want to be organized? Being organized really can eat up a ton of time and money, with hundreds of books, shows and websites “helping” you out and offering you thousands of great products. It is estimated that US demand for home organization products will increase to $8.6 billion in 2015! <source>

Are you like me, and you’ve done your share in contributing to this statistic! Do you feel like all that stuff isn’t accomplishing anything? The problem is, these things won’t make you organized! They may “get you organized” for a time, but they won’t “make” you an organized person.

At this point I wish I could tell you the one key thing for you to be organized for the rest of your life – Sorry! I can’t say what will make you organized! I wish I could though, because apparently I’d be making millions! However, I believe the key for you is something you can discover before you waste any more of your precious resources.

This is where the real work starts! I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions…




If you answered yes to any of the above questions… Do you care about the negative impact? Did you feel a little tug on your heart as you answered yes? Does one, or more of these questions make you want to get control of areas in your home, schedule or life? If so, consider these questions as well.


Think about these questions seriously for a minute – what does greater organization mean to you and your family?


You see, a pretty closet is wonderful after we have accomplished it. We can all walk past it with a little added happiness for a few days or weeks. The bad news: a closet, desk, kitchen… doesn’t stay organized because it looks pretty. It stays organized when someone is motivated to maintain that order day in and day out. When you focus not on order, but on the change it has brought in your life and how it makes you feel – then you will be motivated. If you are being more patience and kind to your children, saving money, enjoying your home with family & friends more – these things motivate you for the long haul! Why? Because they are good priorities, things that are supposed to bring us JOY!

This WHY part is so close to my heart. For me, it is about really looking at what my priorities are in my life according to God’s will for me, and ordering my time and energy in a way that the first things stay first. I will never be perfect at anything. When I try to be, I find I fail miserably at everything. In this blog I hope to be real with you. At times I will show you fun projects as I create and maintain order in my home. But I also hope to be honest in my struggles to be organized only to the point that my firsts are my firsts!


I know today was a little serious! sorry about that! If you are totally overwhelmed, or would just like a little temporary happiness… here is a recipe that will do just that in the form of sugar! Recipes are not a primary focus of this blog. However, sometimes I find recipes so yummy they must be shared! This is where you will find them!